Artisan tradition, a value always modern

For more than fifteen years the name Fismen has been a synonym for quality, style and Italian artisan craftsmanship.

Every Fismen Instrument is a unique work of art. Every product results from the combination of modern production techniques and artisan knowhow. It takes at least three and a half months to make a Fismen accordion. Our aim is to realize instruments that will combine an innovative design with traditional production techniques.

Production Phase 1

Construction of the wood case

The first production Phase is realized in our carpentry shop. Here we shape the wood case, “THE BODY” of our musical instruments.

The wood case is realized with the best varieties of Mahogany ans Spruce Wood in order to have an instrument with a unique sound. Once the case is realized it is covered with desired veneer and finish.
In ths production phase the wood case is produced by alternating manual artisan craftsmanship to stages where the production is realized with numerally controlled machines. These machines do precision works like the opening of the grill. Once it varnished the wood case goes to next production phase.

Production Phase 2

Bass Mechanic assembly

This is an entirely hand made Phase that requires high artisan skills.

In this moment the artisan puts together the “catorcetti”, the pistons and the buttons in order to create an internal mechanism that will allow the bass to play.

Production Phase nr 3

Assembly of the Keyboard

While the bass mechanic has been prepared there is the keyboard assembly, that is the melodic part of the instrument.

This phase is entirely handmade and it requires, because of its complexity longer preparation time. The different assembly phases can be so summarized: keys folding, spring’s assembly, and valves felt pads placement.

Production Phase nr 4


This is the main phase of the construction of the instrument; thanks to this phase the instrument acquires a “true soul”.

After having been pre-tuned and waxed on the reed block, the reeds are tuned again directly on the instrument in order to achieve the perfect sound effect.

Production Phase nr 5

Accessories Assembly

After that, there is the application of the decorations; the metal grill, the case angles, the metal bellow bands.

In this phase the attention to details is extremely important. The assembly of the accessories gives the instrument the value of an “artisan Jewel”.
This is how a Fismen piece of art is created. The best expression of “Made in Italy”.

Best quality in every production Phase

The first Production phase starts from the realizazion of the models thanks to the use of specific software.
For the realizazion of the decorative parts of the instrument we draw our inspiration from the natural elements. The different wood veneers guide our choices in the combination of colors. A flower or a natural pattern are transformed in decorative motives that give the instrument the status a real musical Jewel

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